Nature ~ IQ: Let's Survive, Not Die !

The Book Series by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~


We the people of THE HUMAN RACE proactively working together to improve the overall well-being of humanity by increasing our Nature ~ IQ;
therein, We the people will become adaptive enough to survive any drastically disruptive type of earth change to come in the future.

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The first book in the series.... the second book is in the process of being written. Buy the 1st book here. Peace out Humanity !

Nature IQ Full Coverfinalsm

Donít sit on the sidelines of life. Be Proactive! Spread the Word!
ďLetís Survive, Not Die!Ē We the People can Adapt!
Listen to the poem Beyond 2012: gonna be more proactive on YouTube below.

Coming soon the Nature ~ IQ .ORG Ė brought forth within the spirit behind the book series Nature ~ IQ: Letís Survive, Not Die !

We the people
see the benefit
and wisdom
in proactively
helping each other
better help ourselves
to improve
the overall well-being
despite our differences
by learning together
ways to increase
our IQ
our understanding
about how Nature
and the earth
systemically work
for the sole purpose
of assuring
the future survival

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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